jeudi 12 janvier 2012

Valentine's day: Boys & Girls wishlist

Hi everyone,

Today I'm in a romantic mood and decided to make this collage for you. Sorry for the low quality, this is my first time ever I made such a thing and I'm kinda proud of it. Haha !

For her
1/ Pauker iPhone 4/4S LOVE case - Purple: I found this very nice iPhone case during shopping and didn't buy it because I just purchased another one. I was with my boyfriend and showed him this case saying "hmmm, if you totally had no clue what I would like for Valentine, well now you have". Hopefully he got the hint, lol.
- Price : €29.99
2/ LUSH Tisty Tosty Bath Bombs: I am totally addicted to all the Lush products (except hard shampoo, but i'll tell you later about that) and I recently noticed I never tried the bath bombs! I was like oh my I really need to go now buy some because I heard they're awesome. Since these bath bombs are super romantic and I kind of imagine the smell, I just can't wait to slip in my bath , with my bathroom filled with rose sent and with some relaxation music on ! This is also not expensive at all for a present, maybe that's a good one for you guys to buy to your gf during this economic crisis .. Or just because you went crazy for Christmas, or because you haven't been in a relationship for that long,... Or just as an extra ;) 
- Price : €5.15 / 95g
3/ Swarovski Bracelet & Charms : This is the bracelet I'ld die for !!! It is so romantic, girly, creative and I simply love it !! Swarovski has different bracelets, you can find some for €30 or so and all the little Charms are so cute ! I would love to have a collection of those and just adjust my bracelet for any occasion. This really is a present your girlfriend can wear for every single occasion !
- Price charms : starting from €20
4/ Michael Kors Pave Heart Bangle, Golden : I was looking trough the collection of Michael Kors jewelry and didn't find the european website (prices only in $) but I know you can find MK jewelry in Brussels, so I just kept looking to this super pretty bangle. I think it's lovely to offer for valentine and I think I'll just get it for myself if I don't get it from my bf :) Well, if he gets me the MK bangle, I'll buy the Charms bracelet, so anyways I'm going to get myself a valentine's present. Hahaha, this sounds so weird !
- Price : $55
5/ Michael Kors Crystal Band Ring, Golden : This is my absolute favorite ring ! I love lots of others rings, that I would buy at Forever21 or any other store. But this ring just makes it really serious without having your boyfriend to go bankrupt ! I recommand not asking / buying a ring for your girlfriend until you really are sure she's the one. Because for me, a ring means a lot and has just that emotional story behind it anyways. So this is maybe a present for the long relationships (:
- Price : $75

For him
1/ Abercrombie&Fitch Fierce : I don't think I need to explain why .. Except the fact that my boyfriend is one of those boys who also fell in love with that smell .. Oh! And I did too (: 
- Price : €66 / €92
2/ McAlson Boxershort : I know they also have a valentine's collection but couldn't find it on the internet. These are just super soft and my brother, father, boyfriend and male friends are all addicted to them. They're made like swim pants, with that little 'bag' inside .. Super comfy !
- Price : €32

3/ Pauker iPhone 4/4S Flag/Skull case : Not as romantic as the girls version, but you can find lots of different versions on this page. These cases are super smooth and resistant !
- Price : €29.99
4/ Lush Beach Bars : What do I need to say except A-WE-SOME ! My boyfriend trends to be a little addict to Lush since I initiated him. If your bf isn't that into body care, there's always a beginning!
- Price : €4.98/240 g
5/ Delvaux Key 4 Infinity Loop Keyring : This Delvaux keyring is a super lovely way of make your boyfriend know you want him to carry you around all the time. It's made with high quality leather and is something he'll keep for a super long time !
- Price : €80 / €65 Belgium

Hope you enjoyed this post !
A bientôt les amies 

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