lundi 9 janvier 2012

Presentation Tag

Hi everyone,

Lately I've been thinking about creating a blog about fashion, beauty, lifestyle ans decoration. I know lot of them already exist, but my point isn't to become a guru or anything. I just want to share my ideas, DIY's, emotions and stuff. 

I'm an engineering student & you maybe didn't knew women engineers do care about fashion? In fact, I'm a Business Engineer. And now you're thinking "What the hell is this?". It's something in between engineering and business school ! 

For more info, let's start with a tag !

1. Coffee or tea : Green tea !
2. Are you an animal lover : Dogs , Cats, Horses , .. but no spiders and snakes
3. Have you ever dyed your hair : yes 
4. Chocolate or sweets: chocolaaaaate 
5. You have won loads of cash, what would you do with it: I would invest, buy apartments, donate for Cancer research and take my grandma to a sunny quiet place
6. Do you wear sunglasses in summer : off course ?!
7. Attached to your ipod : Since it is my cellphone too, sure !
8. Are you a high heel person : hmmm, I'm flirting with both ballerina's and heels..
9. Late night cinema movie or movie in : depending on my mood
10. Pop, R&B or Rock : everything, from jazz to classic, that sounds like music
11. Hair up or down : up, until my hair grows to under my breast
12. blonde or brunette: brunette 
13. Full face of make-up or just lippy and eyeshadow : full face since I always wear some blush too !
14. Spicy food? : No thanks
15. Cats or dogs : dogs, I have a French Bulldog named Caramel and my mom has a Jack Russel named Koffee  (a cat once scratched me)
16. Do you like sushi: uhu , a loooot 
17. Sephora or Mac : Depending on the products, but Sephora
18. Which language do you speak : French, Dutch, German, English, & some Italian
19. Favorite country : probably Italy, but I do love France too since that's my fatherland (:
20. Favorite color: any kind of pink and camel

If you had the courage to read till the end, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy all my future posts !
Next post coming is about some stuff I got during sales .. Or maybe about my nail-problems ?

Oh, by this, I tag you ;) leave your tag as a comment 

A bientôt les amies 

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