lundi 9 janvier 2012

Nail problems, cure & resolutions

Hi everyone,

As I've written before, I'm going to talk about that one addiction I had, some stupid stress-thing. A lot of people gain in weight when they stop smoking. Some of these because they started a new addiction, named sweets. I didn't, but did start something new, very irritating, stressing my parents and the people with whom I talked... I started biting my cuticles and the dead skin round my nails/fingers. Really, I never touched my nails, because I think it's disgusting.. But hello, biting my skin is waaaay more disgusting ! I often had bloody fingers, and trust me, even with long nails, it remains ugly ! Sometimes, I was so ashamed, I kept my hands in my jeans to prevent showing my fingertips !

But now, for 2012 I've made a BIG resolution : stop biting my dead skin and cuticles !
For this, I just made a challenge.
First of all, if I bite one of my fingers and I'm aware of it, I have to put €20 in a separate envelope that I'll use to buy my boyfriend a present.
Secondly, I offer myself a manicure after one full month (31 looong days) of non-biting ..

Guess what? Me, total addict, who was biting her nails every three minutes, I haven't bitten my nails since 01/01/2012 00:01 ! Yes, I'm 9 days "sober" & proud of it (:

Now, here are some things I started at the same time :

first of all, I bought the Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter by LUSH and apply it every evening before going to sleep. Seriously, that's the best product I've ever tried for dry cuticles !! I have tested some cuticle oils, creams before, but my cuticles remained dry so I always had that temptation of biting them. Now, my fingertips are extra moisturized and I just want to keep them that way

I also bought the MAVALA Cuticle Remover. I love the Mavala nailpolishes, so I tried some nail-care products. It is really efficient when you use it, because it promises to remove all the little dead skins - and so does it - but it says "gently removes overgrown cuticles and gives the nail a neat and uniform contour".. I found out it really dries out all of the skin you apply that product on , and I really don't like having dry skin again ! Maybe I just put too much of it on each nail ? I need to test it next week and give you a feedback.

And last but not least, I try to have perfect nails every single day. Just by taking care of your nails, polishing them, you will not have the envy to bite them and screw everything up . I also banished the cuticle cutter , or whatever it's called ! It simply hurts your nail contour, and afterwards you end up with a red contour, which isn't very glamorous .

Hope you enjoyed this post ? If you have recommendations, remarks or questions, leave a comment ;)

A bientôt les amies 

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