mardi 10 janvier 2012

My crazy daily hair routine

Hi everyone,

What's worse than having untamed dry frizzy hair ?
Since I've been dying my hair for about 5 years, with an extra harsh period in the past six months where I went from natural hair color (dark blonde) to brown with a red shine to almost white (u-g-l-y). When I was walking home with that platinum blonde hair, I knew it was the beginning of the HairRevolution!

I washed my hair every four days, because it felt so dry I was scared to dry it out more ! Really, it was that bad . My mother knew she had to save me and gave me the number of her personal hairdresser, who hadn't touched since at least 7 years... When he saw me, I heard a little 'ahhh' slipping out of his mouth .. Yeah, it was thaaat bad ! Thanks God and all the angels, he 'saved' my hair and gave me some really important tricks I needed to do to save my lengths. I'm pleased to share the with you :
1/ Oil : I put some oil on my lenghts every time I'm going to wash my hair. I usually wash them in the morning, so when I wake up I psshit some NUXE Huile Prodigieuse, knot my hair in a dot and go for some breakfast.
2/ Gentle Shampoo : I wash my hair with The Body Shop shampoo, or Garnier Ultra Doux. I love the way my hair 's silky !
3/ After shampoo & Mask : I always use after shampoo, from the Ultra Doux line since I didn't buy a new LUSH Retreat one. I also apply a mask two times a week (I wash my hair every two days) from Le Petit Marseillais, with honey and Seabutter in it. 
4/ Psshiiiiiitt : I use two different hair repair sprays after the shower. One is the Gliss Kur 'Oil Nutritive Wonder-Serum-Spray for long hair' against splits , which I use after having washed my hair. The other one is the Gliss Kur 'Total Repair Wonder-Serum-Spray for dry hair', which I use every other day.
5/ Maybe one of the most important things is to drink no less than 1,5l of water every day. I find it hard to check that amount out, because it's also no good idea to drink too much, because that will make your reins overwork. I therefore bought little 0.5l of water and drink one in the morning and one in the afternoon (I also drink after having eaten, never during the meal and never past 7pm !). Because we all try to be eco-responsible, I suggest to buy glass bottles. These are better for the environment & are also better for your health, because the plastic ones leave some residues in the water and you don't want them to impact on your organism. So drink water, but glass bottled water !
6/ Brushing: Don't use dryers, don't iron your hair, or curl it . Just let your hair dry by itself, that's the best for them ! And if you reaaaally need to iron it for any special occasion, please use a heat protector ! I use the Provost 'Expert Protection'.
7/ Vitamins : I started taking vitamins for my hair two weeks ago. I did it because it was really necessary. Nevertheless, I think it's always better to eat healthy and let your organism work without taking those vitamins. I also know vitamins are bad for our reins, because again, they have to work more to clean up your body with all the exceeding nutrients. I'll stop using them after this cure ;)
8/ Avocado : Since I really want my hair to grow out, I've been making a DIY-mask. It's one with avocado, eggs, honey and olive oil. I'll post the receipt and some pictures later on ! I put it on my hair the night before washing it (Saturday night for Sunday morning), wrap my hair in plastic folio and just sleep on it. My hair is super silky and smooth afterwards and avocado is just perfect if you want your hair to grow faster !
9/ Cut your splits : Even if you're growing out your hair, just do it ! My hairdresser just gave me that tip and really, it's so damn true! Go cut your hair every 6 weeks, but just let 1 à 2 cm be cut. It helps your hair to stay healthy and it will grow faster.
What is your hair routine ? Any DIY-masks to share or products ?

A bientôt les amies

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