mercredi 11 janvier 2012

OOTD : chilly weather & quick shopping

Mavi jeans - Carol pink cashmere - vintage black blazer - 
Hermes belt - UGG boots - Gerard Darel purse - 
Beige Cop.Copine scarf & Prada glasses with tiger print inside, rrraaauwrr !
Hi everyone,
Yesterday I went out shopping for my cousin's birthday present.
Since I'm studying all day long, I usually have a sweatpant - t-shirt outfit. Of course, I'm not leaving home like that and I needed to grab some comfortable clothes asap to leave for a quick shopping trip. I chose my favorite blue jeans, from Mavi and paired it with a nice dark salmon pinky warm cashmere top and a blazer, which created a very simple yet pretty look I think. In the rush, I grabbed these new black UGG boots. Comfy look assured ! 

What do you think

Sorry for the quality of the picture but I took it with my cellphone just before leaving my room ! Next time I'll do better, promise !
By the way, my cellphone case is from Pauker (:

A bientôt les amies

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