mercredi 28 mars 2012

LUSH review

Since I'm a huge Lush fan, I decided to do a review on a couple of products I tested, liked, repurshased and those I totally disliked.

UP: Skin water:Une Bouffée d'Air Frais ; Shampoos: Pink 'Pousse Plus Vite' - Yellow 'Trichomania' - Bottle: 'Retour dans le droit chemin' ; Conditioner: Veganese - (Vive la) Revolution! - Rafistoleur
DOWN: Skin: Aqua Marina - Or Noir - Angels on bare skin - Ramoneur ; Lips: Gourmandise ; Feet: Volcano ; Body: Copacabana scrub

Products I cannot live without
Angels on a bare skin
Pousse Plus Vite
Retour dans le droit chemin
(Vive la) Revolution!

Products I will never repurshase
L'Or Noir
I really have a dry skin and after having used 2 pots of Aqua Marine, I felt like my skin needed some change because it got used to it (if you understand what I mean). Also, I don't like the smell of the Aqua Marina face wash.. Angels on a Bare Skin is the ideal product for really dry skin with some blackheads ans oily nose.

Pousse Plus Vite is a hard shampoo I started using last week, so I only used it 3 times (it's a complementary shampoo so you don't want to use it every time you wash your hair) but I really feel like my hair is healthier and my scalp is less dry
Retour dans le droit chemin saved my lenghts after one week of skiing with -20°C! My hair literally was frozen every day !
I absolutely fell in love with the vanilla smell of the Revolution! conditioner and with the way it softens my hair and make it shine
Gourmandise is a lip scrub with vanilla and chocolate flavour. That's just delicious !
Volcano is my number one favorite, because it just freshens up my feet and the sensation is absolutely fabulous. I have a part-time job next to my studies and I'm always walking, which causes me burning feet and some aches. When I come home, I apply volcano as a foot mask and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes. Seriously, try it out.. It's a-we-some !
Copacabana is my number two favorite Lush product because it smoothens my skin really deeply and scrubs it too. I love that 2-in-1 concept and the smell is just to fall for.

I will not repurshase the Rafistoleur (retreat) conditioner because I have diacolored hair and it just looks like my hair is greeny every time I used that conditioner. Plus, I expected more of that product. A little disappointed ..
Trichomania is a shampoo that you'll always find in my shower, because of that gorgeous smell! But I feel like it dries my hair out, which is the total opposite of what it should do!
L'or Noir is a black face scrub and it simply is too harsh for my skintype. Except the unattractive smell, it is a great product for appropriate skin.

I hope you enjoyed this 'short' review and if you have any questions or suggestions about Lush products, comment below 

Ps: I didn't reviewed the Lush Bath Bombs because I tried only three of them and I also use Lemon Fluttery for my cuticles. I love it for the effect, I hate it for the smell ..

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